Thomas Goodwin


Erected by an afflicted family in memory of THOMAS GOODWIN who was born on the *9th day of October 1770 and died on the *14th day of January 1836.  [* These two days of the month are very indistinct.]

Section - Section 4
ID -50

Birth -1770

Death - 1836

Age - Over 60

Gender - Male

Profession - Merchant

Veteran- N/A

Data -

[1] One of the most respectable merchants and for the last several years, mayor of our corporation. He enjoyed the respect and esteem of the community

[2] May 21 4pm to appoint committee of subscribers of Mary Washington Memorial.  Virginia Herald wrote about Mary Washington Her maternal lessons installed in his mind that love of country, uncompromising integrity, that clear sighted wisdom which were afterwards to be ripened and displayed on so magnificent a theatre. Apparently  they were combatting an effort to put her remains in the Presbyterian Church. Article mentioned in the Commercial Advertiser of New York.

[3] No. 50.  Mr. Thomas Goodwin was Mayor of Fredericksburg from February 12, 1829 to January 16, 1836.  He died at the age of 65.  His
wife and children are resting by his side. Records indicate that Mr. Goodwin also operated a hotel called the Rappahannock House on the east side of Main Street, between George and Hanover Streets.  In later years the name of the hotel was changed to the Shakespeare and was destroyed by fire in 1866-1867.

[4] Thomas Goodwin was the son of Peter Goodwin & Sarah Hawes (Coghill) Goodwin.He was born 9 Oct 1770 at “Oakley”, Caroline Co., Va

[5] He was elected [mayor] in 1829 & died while still in Office. He had been a member of the Fredericksburg council for several decades. “Thomas Goodwin was a merchant, in politics a Whig and in religion, an Episcopalian.” He had a son Arthur (his 4th son & 5th child)who was born in 1801 & died in 1861; Arthur’s wife was Anne Thom of Fredericksburg.

Sources -

[1] Virginia Herald 1/16/1836 3×3 Died

[2] Virginia Herald M. W. Monument committee 5/25/1831 3×2

[3] Sue Gordon



Notes - N/A;


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