Seth Barton


Here lies an affectionate parent & sincere friend. SETH BARTON  Was born near Warren, Rhode Island July 29 A.D. 1755, and died at his seat near Fredericksburg, December 29 A.D. 1813, Aged 58 years and 5 months.

Section - Section 6
ID -81

Birth -1755

Death - 1813

Age - Age 41-60

Gender - Male

Profession - Merchant

Veteran - Revolutionary War

Data -

[1]Letter Paula Felder to Vernon Edenfield.

Barton purchased Fielding Lewis estate 1799 and brought 5 children to live them. Originally from RI and served in the Revolution War army and afterwards became a successful shipping merchant in Baltimore. In 1802 tried make grounds as a subdivision, including the mansion itself.

1812 helped develop Liberty town at the intersection of Barton and Liberty Street.

Then a 3rd subdivision intersection Hanover and Kirkland Streets, including  both sides of Hanover Street extended and included the 10 acre tract which became the Brompton estate.

Married Sarah Emerson Maxwell.

Sources -

[1] Clipfile Virginiana Room Rappahannock Regional Library

Notes - N/A;


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