Philip Helmstatter


Sacred to the memory of Philip J. Helmstatter who died Aug. 17, 1831 aged 31 years. This stone is placed here by an affectionate Mother to an (***)y son.  [*** Three letters indistinct; we suppose this word is ‘only’].

Section - Section 5
ID -70

Birth -1800

Death - 1831

Age - Age 21-40

Gender - Male

Profession - Merchant

Veteran- N/A

Data -


[1] Died of apoplexy and then 8 or 9 weeks lay without “murmur or complaint”
“just in his dealings and remarkable trough the  whole of his life for peace and good will to all men”
“his mind was much drawn out on the subject of salvation .”
“Warning to his acquaintance ‘in a moment they might also be deprived of health and strength'”
[2] Ad “English rum, madeira wine, handsome cotton yard, pocket and pen knives, shad and mackerel by the barrel, gunpowder, tea, candies, large assortment of stoneware, pepper, allspice, ginger, alum , salteeter and a handsome of GLASSWARE”
[3] “800 lbs of sole leather, 50 barrels Mountain family flour, 12 barrels mackeral”

Sources -

[1] Virginia Herald  8/20/1831 3×4
[2] Virginia Herald 10/7/1829 3×4
[3] Virginia Herald 9/11/1830 3×2

Notes - N/A;


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