Maria Blakey


“Sacred to the Memory of Maria Ann wife of James G. Blakey who departed this life Aug, 14, 1845 aged 42 years & 2 months.”
Maria Blakey
James Blakey


Maria and James Blakey. Both paintings submitted by Jennifer Bauer.

Section - Section 6
ID -77

Birth -1803

Death - 1845

Age - Age 41-60

Gender - Female

Profession- Unknown

Veteran- N/A

Data -

[1] May 10, 2001
I am looking for information on Maria Blakey b. 1803 d. 1845, supposedly buried in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I don’t know if this is her married name or maiden name, but I have two portraits of her and presumably her husband. I would like to be able to trace how I am related to them. I believe it is through the Newman family somehow, because the name Blakey shows up in that family history and I got the paintings through that side of my family. Sometime in the 1800’s John Francis Newman married Ann Blakey as his second wife, and they would be my great great grandparents. It is possible Maria Blakey is somewhere up the chain from there. Maybe her parents? Another avenue is that the older brother of John Francis Newman, Thomas Noel Newman, married a Mary Blakey. So, they could be up the chain from her as well. Any information anyone has would be much appreciated! Thanks! Once I have the paintings restored I would be happy to post photos if anyone else is interested in seeing them.

[2] I’m sorry, none of those names are familar. The time period of my Blakey line is abt. 1650- 1850, when it daughtered out when Maria Ann Blakey married John Francis Newman. They lived in Middlesex County, Spotsylvania county and the Madison, Culpeper, Green/Orange countys in Virginia – mine in the Stanardsville area of Green County. My relatives of that line still primarily live in Virginia.

[3] Per The Blakey Book Maria Blakey 1831 married John F. Newman on June 4, 1851. Her parents were James Gaines Blakey and Maria Ann sorrille. John Newman’s first wife was Eliza Simms. John had 3 children by Maria: James, Nannie and Mary. Mary married james B. Kite, Nannie married William Walker.

[4] 2/15/1823. Newman was plaintiff- Superior Court of Chancery. Ask defendant to appear on 10th day of next term

Sources -

[4] Virginia Herald 2/15/1823 3×4

Notes - N/A;


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