Margaret Pilcher


“In memory of Mrs. Margaret Pilcher Wife of Fred Pilcher who departed this life December 20, 1827 Aged 57 years. Her pious and dutiful life was extended to an honorable old age and closed by an exemplary death. Her charity had its ***** in religion. Her love of her neighbour was the genuine seat of her love of God. Her rest ****** was the fruit of her faith and she died in hope because she had lived a Christian.” [Stone disintegrating. (*)

The Historical Sketch of 1892 gives 1827 as the date of her death; the “7” is now entirely gone. Several other words could not be positively deciphered.]

Section - Section 8
ID -98

Birth -1770

Death - 1827

Age - Age 41-60

Gender - Female

Profession- Unknown

Veteran- N/A

Data -

[1] consort of Frederick Pilcher and lived 57 years old.”She was truly a good wife an affectionate parent and a kind mistress. Her uniform manners and exemplary conduct through life endured her to all that knew her.”

Sources -

[1] Virginia Herald 29 Dec 1827 3×3

Notes - N/A;


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