Lawrence Berry


“In memory of Lawrence W. Berry.  Born on the 13th day of Dec. 1792 and Died on 3d February 1846.  And near are the remains of two infant children John in his third year and Catherine in her fifth year.  On the left Anne M. Berry the wife & Mother  Born June 16, 1801 Died Sept. 28, 1872.”

Section - Section 5
ID -68

Birth -1792

Death - 1846

Age - Age 41-60

Gender - Male

Profession- Unknown

Veteran- N/A

Data -

[1] Lawrence W. Berry’s remains rests on the north side of the church, center of the graveyard, and marked by a flat, white stone.  He was the father of John Scott
Berry one of the prominent citizens of Fredericksburg and Deputy Clerk.  The inscription on his stone is as follows:

[2] Served on MW monument committee

[3] Lawrence W. Berry married Ann Scott on 17 Nov 1825

Sources -

[1] Sue Gordon -

[2] Virginia Herald 4/30/1833 3×1

[3] Virginia Herald 11/19/1825  3×3

Notes - N/A;


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