James Duncanson


“Here lies The Body of James Duncanson. He was born in Scotland the 11th February 1735. Arrived in Virginia in July 1752. Died the 4th March 1791. ‘Weed his Grave clean ye Men of Goodness For he was your Brother.'”

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Birth -1735

Death - 1791

Age - Age 41-60

Gender - Male

Profession - Merchant

Veteran - Revolutionary War

Data -

[1] Col. James Duncanson came to VA from Forres, Moray, Scotland in the 1750’s. He emigrated to Fredericksburg to go into business with his brother, Robert.

[3]In 1756 he joined the Virginia Militia and served until 1761 under Washington. In 1758, he participated in the Forbes expedition to Fort Duqesne (Pittsburgh). He is our only French and Indian War veteran.

[1]James served in the Masonic Lodge and was treasurer from 1767-1771.

James married Mary “Molly” McAuley. James and Mary’s surviving children were, 1. James, Polly, Ann, Finella who married Charles Urquhart

He purchased several town parcels from 1762-1773 with one purchase in 1780 – Lot No. 29, life interest of sd. Ann Finnie in Lot 22, Lot No. 30, Lots 133 and 134, Lots 91 and 92, Lot 13, Lot 60, Lot 119, and finally Lot 21 in 1780.

[2] James Duncanson served in the Committees of Correspondence in 1774. “There was a great assemblage of citizens in the town house on Wednesday, June I, 1774, when Fielding Lewis, Charles Dick, Charles Mortimer, James Mercer, Charles Washington, William Woodford, James Duncanson, William Porter, George Thornton and Charles Yates were appointed a committee “to correspond with the neighboring towns and counties for the purpose of communicating to each other, in the most speedy manner their sentiments on this present interesting and alarming situation in America.” This was in sympathy to the citizens of Boston suffering from the Intolerable Acts. He participated in the Revolution, and was one of the wealthiest men in this part of Virginia.

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