J. C. Lewis McGuire


J.C. Lewis Relict of Rev. E. C. McGuire  Born Oct. 4, 1794  Died March 26, 1882. [J.C. Lewis McGuire was Judith Carter (Lewis) McGuire, daughter of Major Robert Lewis, the nephew of General Washington.]

Section - Section 9
ID -111

Birth -1794

Death - 1882

Age - Over 60

Gender - Female

Profession- Unknown

Veteran- N/A

Data -

[1] [J.C. Lewis McGuire was Judith Carter (Lewis) McGuire, daughter of  Major Robert Lewis and Judith Brown; granddaughter of Fielding Lewis and his second wife, Betty Washington; the nephew of George Washington. Rev. McGuire married Judith Carter Lewis on 17 Apr 1816. McGuire was born in Frederick Co., VA. and was rector of St. George’s from 1813-1858.

Sources -

[1] http://files.usgwarchives.net/va/fredericksburg/cemeteries/stgeorge.txt

Notes - N/A;


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