George Richardson


Sacred to the memory of GEORGE RICHARDSON STONE CUTTER who was killed by an accident May 12th 1807: Aged 45 years.  “Stay, passenger, thy step; reflect awhile; Tho now in health and vigour thou may smile Tomorrows fun thy obsequies may see  The silent grave may then thy mansion be.  Then seek in life God’s favour to possess  And to thy soul secure eternal happiness.”

Section - Section 1
ID -04

Birth -1762

Death - 1807

Age - Age 41-60

Gender - Male

Profession - Construction

Veteran- N/A

Data -

5/15/1807 Employed in repairing well for B. Botts Esq and while defending the same for necessary purposed, part of the stone work of the well gave way and buried him from 15-20 feet. From the nature of the soil, his body  was not recovered until yesterday morning  [May 14. Accident then would have been May 12] and from the condition in which was found, there is no doubt he was instantly killed.  Left wife and large family  [1]

8/28/1804 –  African 5’10”, had a rising on the palm of his hand an speaks tolerable good English for an African. Reward $5. Either bring to me or secure in jail.  [2]

9/7. Ads had Va. Cloth coat and overalls  [3]

Sources -

Virginia Herald
[1] 15 May 1807, 3×1
[2] 28 Aug 1804, 3×3
[3] 7 Sep 1804, 2×4

Notes - N/A;


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