Felix Taliaferro


Born 26 April 1812  Died the 1st Nov. 1832. [The headstone is broken, leaving only the dates.  The stone was in this condition in 1892 says the Historical Sketch of that date.  It says a footstone carried the initial F.G.H.T., but we failed to find this stone. Mr. King believes Mr. Clark was in error as to the footstone and that the stone to party (1812-32) belongs to: “Died On Thursday evening, 1st of Nov. Mr. Felix H. Taliaferro, son of the late Mr. Hay Taliaferro of Orange Co., aged about 20 years.” Fredericksburg Virginia Herald Nov. 3, 1832.

Section - Section 4
ID -42

Birth -1812

Death - 1832

Age - Age 0-20

Gender - Male

Profession- Unknown

Veteran- N/A

Data -

Son of the late Harry Taliaferro of Orange Co. about 20 years old

Sources -

[1] Virginia Herald 3 Nov 1832 3×3

Notes - N/A;


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