Catherine Simons


Here lies the Body of Catherine the beloved wife of David Simons Who departed this life May 14th 1794  Aged 35 years.  Also her two children lies interred with her.

Section - Section 4
ID -58

Birth -1759

Death - 1794

Age - Age 21-40

Gender - Female

Profession- Unknown

Veteran- N/A

Data -

[1] Husband David Simons was a merchant selling candles in 1788-1799

[2] Store next door to Mrs. Lovell and Urquhart. Wold  West Indian Rum, brown sugar, molasses, green coffee, sack and loose salt, bard iron. “Cash or country produce”

[3] Stores in Fredericksburg and Madison County. Where before articles under David Simons, this is under “Simons and Jones.” Large assortment of fall and winter goods. Bar Iron suitable for wagon tires, German steel and cutting knives, nails, tea kettles, frying pans, smooth bore guns, dovetail saws, augers, steel saddle locks, chocolate, ladies fashionable hats, men and boys country made wool hats, pepper, all spice, brown  sugar by the barrel.

Sources -

[1] Virginia Herald 3 Jul 1788 , 14 Oct 1790 Formed  business as Simons and Jones by 17 Nov 1795
[2] Virginia Herald 11/8/1792 4×1
[3] Virginia Herald 11/17/1795 3×4

Notes - N/A;


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