Catherine Maury


[Here lies] the Body of Catharine [Maury the] wife of James Maury [who died in] Liverpool on the 22nd of May 1794 [in] the 39th year of her age.[While] living it was her Purpose [to be] returned…among her own people. While dying she desired that these remains should rest here. She was of the best of Women. [A large corner of the stone is broken and missing.]

Section - Section 8
ID -101

Birth -1755

Death - 1794

Age - Age 21-40

Gender - Female

Profession- Unknown

Veteran- N/A

Data -

[1] James Maury (3 Feb 1746 – 23 Feb 1840) was one of the first United States diplomats and one of the first American consuls appointed overseas. In 1790 he was appointed to the Consulate of the United States in Liverpool,[1] one of the first overseas consulates founded by the then fledgling United States of America. Maury held the position of consul for 39 years until he was removed from office by President Andrew Jackson in 1829.] James Maury was born on February 1746 in Albemarle County, Virginia.[3] He was the son of The Reverend James Maury (1719-1769), an educator and Anglican cleric in the American colonies, of Huguenot ancestry. Among The Reverend Maury’s notable pupils were Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the First Bishop of Virginia.

Maury born in Albermarle moved to Fredericksburg 1770 and formed partnership with James Duncanson. When war came on moved to shipping. He served as commercial agent for Thomas Nelson

Maury was married twice, firstly to Catherine Armistead, and secondly to Margaret Rutson. He and Rutson had five children: James Sifrein Maury (1797–1864); William Maury (1799-–1849); Matthew Maury (1800-–1877); Ann Maury (1803–-1876); Rutson Maury (1805-–1882).Ann Maury conducted considerable research on her family history and published a substantial genealogical chart of the Maury family, which can be still be obtained from The Fontaine Maury Society library.
[2] Born in Liverpool, England on 1755 to Robert Armistead and Private Westwood. Catherine married James Maury and had a child. She passed away on Mar 1795 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA.
[3] He honored her plea to be “buried among her own people.” She was daughter of Robert Armistead of Elk Creek Louisa. In 1786 moved to Liverpool- most frequent port used by Rappahannock river merchants. He was a commission merchant he received consignments of tobacco and assembled and shipped good ordered. His friend Jefferson in 1790 gave him position of consul, unpaid. Any unconsigned ships were under his authority.

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[1] Wikipedia – James Maury -

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