Anna Mason


SACRED [Here follows a four line verse not enough of which could be deciphered to bring together sensible words.]
THIS TABLET is placed here by Charles Mason in acknowledgement of gratitude for the affectionate love of his kind and devoted wife ANNA TAYLOE MASON who died the 15th of May 1831. Aged 23 years leaving a character distinguished for all the virtues which exalt and adorn her so. She was the only surviving child of Tayloe and Anna Braxton of Richmond, Va. Both of whom died at an early age leaving in charge of their friends this pledge of their affection and when this dear object of *** and fond devotion had just attained the endearing affection of parent the blighting hand of death made her husband a widower and her infant an orphan.”
[*** undecipherable.]

Section - Section 8
ID -103

Birth -1808

Death - 1831

Age - Age 21-40

Gender - Female

Profession- Unknown

Veteran- N/A

Data -

[1] Wife of Charles Mason Anna Braxton (F)
b. 1808, d. 1831. She married Charles Tayloe Mason. Anna was born in 1808. Anna died in 1831. Charles Tayloe Mason died on 5 May 1888 at age 77.
[2] Dry goods, desire of original holders was to dispose of them before the next operation of the next Tariff system. Title “New and Desirable stock of staples and Fanny Dry Goods” [may have been Tariff 1832]

Sources -

[2] 11/10/1832 3×4 Merchant advertisment

Notes - N/A;


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