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We don’t have a John Paul Jones, Gen George Patton, James Maury or George Washinton but we do have John Paul Jones brother, Patton’s cousin, Maury’s wife and Washington’s father-in-law:

#13 William Paul (1774)

William Paul was the brother of John Paul Jones.

William Paul conducted a tailor shop in Fredericksburg. William prospered sufficiently to purchase from Thomas Blanton, a carpenter, a house and lot in Fredericksburg in June 1770. It stood on a substantial parcel at the corner of Caroline Street and Lafayette Boulevard

The last four years of his life were trouble-ridden. He was in court more than once, presumably suing clients. About the time he acquired the house, he also acquired a wife, Fanny, and a stormy marriage it was

He died in 1773, and his executors, (as appointed by him) William Templeman and Isaac Heslop declined to serve, and it was not until November, 1774, that anything was done about the estate. It is assumed that John Paul Jones arrived here then. Jones knew Fredericksburg having visited Fredericksburg 1761,1762,1763 repairing ships and then loading cargo – tobacco, pig iron, barrel staves

Jones acquired his last name due to a murder in the West Indies. He was assultated by mutinous crew member whom he killed in self-defense. There was no sitting court to hear case, he fled America . He took Jones possibly in the 20 months where his whereabouts cannot be traced .

This gravestone, 1930, encompasses the original grave which is on the back of this stone.

#21 Anthony (Buck) Patton (1852-1924)

Jones was the first buried here and Patton the last in 1924. The Graveyard was closed to further burials after Virginia Patton. However, since 2008 cremains have buried along Faulkner Hall wall. You can see a plaque there. Thus the graveyard continues to serve the community

Buck Patton her husband was a cousin of General George Patton. Both are descended Robert William Patton (1750 – 1828) of Scotland. George Patton’s father was killed in the Civil War. Due to the economic struggles after the Civil War his part of the family migrated to California
Buck Patton was a merchant living and served in Fredericksburg Virginia Light Artillery during the Civil War He was discharged from combat duty due to disability, chronic rheumatism, on November 1862. He was detailed 6/1863 Richmond, VA. To serve as a clerk in Medical Director’s Office

#101 Catherine Maury (1755-1794)

James Maury (3 Feb 1746 – 23 Feb 1840) was one of the first United States diplomats and one of the first American consuls appointed overseas. In 1790 he was appointed to the Consulate of the United States in Liverpool one of the first overseas consulates founded by the then fledgling United States of America. Maury held the position of consul for 39 years until he was removed from office by President Andrew Jackson in 1829
Catherine was his first wife. She was daughter of Robert Armistead of Elk Creek Louisa. She died in Liverpool on the 22nd of May 1794 at age 39 but desired to buried back in the US. They had one daughter,

#114 Col John Dandridge (1700-1756)

Colonel John Dandridge was the father-in-law for George Washington.. He had grant of a water front lot in Hampton, Elizabeth City County. His children were all born there. He served as County Clerk, which is those days (Colonial days) was considered a very lucrative position

Colonel Dandridge married Frances Jones, daughter of Orlando Jones on July 22, 1730. He was the father of Martha Dandridge who married first Daniel Parks Custis and then secondly George Washington.

He died on August 31, 1756, aged 56 years. Historians do not seem to know why he died in Fredericksburg. Some state that he was here visiting his daughter, Martha who married General Washington, but that cannot be true because he died more than two years before his daughter was married. It was possible he was here attending races at “Chatham”, held by William Fitzhugh.

This grave was lost for over 50 years after the building of St. George’s in 1849. Apparently his grave was covered up and only workmen in the early part of the 20th century uncovered him.

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