Graveyard Map and Table

#Last NameImage
1Unknown - rock marker, no headstone
2Jones, John
3Ritchardson, Winefrid
4Richardson, George
5Chew, Lucy
6McPherson, Archibald
7Thom, Reuben
10Duffel, Sam
11Chew, Ann
12Young, Elizabeth
13Paul, William
14Duncanson, Mary
15Duncanson, James
16Unknown Rock Marker
17Taliaferro, Catherine
18Ware, Thomas
19Ware, Thomas R.
20Ware, James
21Patton, Anthony and Virginia
22Coakley, Mary
23Coakley, Jr.,John
25Coakley, Catherine
26Coakley, Sr.,John
27Unknown 2
28Garts, Margaret
29Downman, Joseph H.
30Unknown 3
31Hillyard, Parke
32Lucas, Elizabeth
33Unknown 4
34Unknown 5
35Goodwin, Casper
36Pearson, John
37Unknown 6
38Unknown 7
39Lewis, William
40Baggott, James
41Carter, Elizabeth Edmundson
43Carter, Elizabeth
44Benson, Eleanor
45Jackson, Michael
46hull John G.
47Hill, Sarah
48Allen, Mary
49Goodwin, John
50Goodwin, Thomas
51Goodwin, Mary
52Goodwin Jr.,Thomas
53Goodwin, Ann Maria Smith
54Smith, William
55Smith, Mary
56Smith, Jr, William
57Harrison, Mary
58Simons, Catherine
59Goodwin, Elizabeth
60Hart, Catherine Rose
61Whitfield, John
62Spilman, Walter
63Pearson, William
64Cooke, Emily
65Boughton, Benjamin
66Patterson, John
67Berry, John S.
68Berry, Lawrence, Anne and children
69Carter, Beverly
70Helmstatter, Philip
71Lyon, Elizabeth
72Barton, Edward Seth
73Unknown 14
74Unknown 8
75Colson, Charles
76Knox, Elizabeth S.
77Blakey, Maria Ann
78Cox, Elizabeth M and Eliza
79Allen, William and Ann Turner
81Barton, Seth
82Duffel, Samuel L.
83Unknown Rock Marker No Headstone
84Carlin, M. J. Chewning
85Johnston, Larkin
86Coalter, St. George Tucker
87Coalter, Judge John
88Hilldroop, Mary
89Unknown 10
90Lucas, James
91Pilcher, Hiram
92Pilcher, Frederick
93Rothrock, Louisiana and Fayetta
94Johnston, Jane W. and Ann Thompson
95Rothrock, Jeannie
96Unknown 11 flat table
97Unknown 12
98Pilcher, Margaret
99Ball, R. W.
100Rose, Alexander
101Maury, Catherine
102Rothrock, George
103Mason, Anna Taylor
104ATM Broken
105Ford, John T.
106Unknown - Sandstone face flacked off
107Hitz, Margaret
108Fry, S. W.
109White, Henry Garrett
110McGuire, John F.
111McGuire, Rev. Edward and J. C. Lewis
112Robey, Ann
113Marshall, James E.
114Dandridge, John
115Bailey, Chester
116Ashby, William

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