Welcome to St. George’s Graveyard

Our graveyard began with the founding of Fredericksburg in 1728 when lots were designated for a graveyard, a church as well for the market and government. It is the oldest graveyard in the town.

We have 116 numbered graves. Most of them are from the first half of the 19th century though the earliest is 1752 of John Jones, a tavern keeper. Others may have preceded him but those stones have not been preserved.

This graveyard served the town of Fredericksburg, not just the church. It reflects the precariousness of life – 21 of the graves are from children under the age of 20. Nine are veterans of wars – French and Indian, Revolutionary, War of 1812 and the Civil War. Today, it is also a green space within the middle of Fredericksburg with abundant wildlife.

How to get the most of the graveyard?
The “drawer” () has links to all the articles. Here are some of them:

1. Map – you can click on “Map” button at the bottom of this screen or with this link. When the page is loaded, the top half is a map and the bottom pane a picture of each grave and and a search input which can be filled with number (based on the map) or a name.

2. Find Graves – Find graves by many criteria (ages, occupation, etc.)

3. Table only. There are columns for number, name and image and by clicking the column header, you can sort by that column.

4. There are a number of tours – 5 graves in 5 minutes, a more extensive 15 grave tour, tours of veterans and women and graveyard art (gravestones,typography).

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