Burials, Version 2

Burials in St. George’s Graveyard
From “The History of St George’s Episcopal Church”
Carrol H. Quenzel, Published 1951
With Inscriptions and Notes copied in 1940
Mr. George H. S. King, who has graciously
consented to their publications
Allen, Mary
“In memory of MARY daughter of James and Elizabeth Allen Born July 25 1801 Died August 4th 1836 Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth Yes Saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them.”
Allen, William & Ann Turner
“William Allen Died 1866 and his wife Ann Turner Allen Died 1875.”
Ashby, William M.
“William M. Ashby son of Vivion & Margaret Died May 31st 1815 Aged 1 Mo: and 15 da.”
Baggott, James
“In memory of JAMES BAGGOTT a native of this town Born 5th of June 1764 Died 1st of March 1825. Much lamented by those who knew him best.”
Bailey, Chester
“Sacred to the Memory of Chester Bailey who was born in Wallingford in Connecticut August 12, 1769 and departed this life March
22, 1841 in 72 year of his age.”
Ball, R. W.
“R. W. Ball, only child of Major Cyrus and Fedelia Ball of Lancaster County, Virginia. Died February 17, 1826 Aged 17 years and 5 months.”
Barton, Edward Seth
“Sacred in Memory of Edward Seth Barton second son of Thomas R. & Susan C. Barton who departed this life on the 6th of December 1823 aged 2 years and 21 days.”
Barton, Seth
“Here lies an affectionate parent & sincere friend. SETH BARTON Was born near Warren, Rhode Island July 29 A.D. 1755, and died at his seat near Fredericksburgh, December 29 A.D. 1813, Aged 58 years and 5 months.”
Benson, Mrs. Eleanor
“To the Memory of Mrs. Eleanor Benson who departed this life the 22nd of May 1799 Aged 38 years.”
Berry, John Scott
“Entered into this life December 7, 1841 John Scott Berry son of Lawrence M. & Ann Scott Berry
Entered into life eternal Sunday morning Sept. 26, 1920 A sinner saved by grace.” [Error for Lawrence W. Berry, his father; their tombstones are side by side.]
Berry, Lawrence W. & Anne M.
“In memory of Lawrence W. Berry. Born on the 13th day of Dec. 1792 and Died on 3d February 1846. And near are the remains of two infant children John in his third year and Catherine in her fifth year. On the left Anne M. Berry the wife & Mother Born June 16, 1801 Died Sept. 28, 1872.”
Beverly, Carter
“Carter Beverly Born at Blandfield Essex County Va. 15 of Aug: 1774 Died F** 10, 1844.”
Blakey, Mrs. Maria Ann
“Sacred to the Memory of Maria Ann wife of James G. Blakey who departed this life Aug, 14, 1845 aged 42 years & 2 months.”
Boughton, Benjamin
“BENJ: BOUGHTON AGED 65 Died 3d June 1842.”
Carlin, Mrs. M. J.
“GRANDMA Mrs. M. J. Carlin entered into rest April
4, 1885 in the 76th year of her age.” [Lone tombstone within iron fence enclosure on gate of which is “J. M. Whittemore.” The Historical Sketch of 1892 lists her name as Mrs. Mary Jane (Chewning) Carlin.]
Carter, Elizabeth
“In memory of ELIZABETH daughter of Edwin & Elizabeth E. P. Carter who died April 29th 1833 Aged 2 months & 20 days.”
Carter, Elizabeth Edmondson
“In Memory of Elizabeth Edmondson daughter of Edwin & Elizabeth E. P. Carter who died Sept. 13th 1840 Aged 16 months & 2 days.”
Chew, Mrs. Ann
“SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF ANN CHEW Relict of Capt. John Chew who died Oct. 7th 1821 in the 67th year of her age. Few Females were more eminantly [sic] distinguished for correctness of deportment and . . . practice of all christian virtues. [She] was Conjugal as a widow, exemplary as a [M]other fond and affectionate as a neighbour, charitable and
kind as a friend, steady and sincere. ______________________
Into thy hands I commend my spirit For thou has redeemed me, O Lord God of Truth.”
Chew, Miss Lucy
“In memory of MISS LUCY CHEW daughter of the late John Chew, Esquire, of Spotsylvania. Died on the 5th October 1815. Go spotless honor and unsullied truth Go smiling innocence Go soft humanity that blessed the poor Go saint and patience Go modesty that never wore a frown To virtue and receive the Heavenly Crown.”
Coakley, Catherine
“In Memory of CATHERINE the daughter of John and Mary Coakley who departed this life August 24, 1811 Aged 8 years and 2 months.”
Coakley, Mrs. Elizabeth
“Sacred to the Memory OF ELIZABETH COAKLEY Relict of JOHN COAKLEY Died March11, 1890.” [The Historical Sketch (1892) gives her age as 80 years.]
Coakley, John
“Entered into rest JOHN COAKLEY Born Feb 14, 1805 Died July 2, 1874.”
Coakley, John
“In Memory of JOHN, son of John & Mary Coakley who departed this life July 21st 1795 Aged 3 Years and 1 Month.”
Coakley, Mary
“SACRED to the memory of Mary, daughter of John & Elizabeth Coakley who departed this life June the 7, 1867 in the 28 year of her age.”
C., E.
1814 E. C. [The small stone so marked is immediately adjacent to the handsome tomb of Judge John Coalter.]
Coalter, John
“This stone is erected in Memory of JOHN COALTER of Chatham. Of humble origin, he rose to eminence Less by the display of uncommon talents than by moral worth. By an integrity that none ever questioned. A fidelity that evaded no duty. A firmness that defied a like temptation and danger. And a sincerity simplicity and kindness of nature That won the hearts of all who
approached him. The records of his country testify the honourable posts which he filled. Of his private virtues all who knew him can speak. But the Depth of his unpretending goodness is known only to God whom he worshipped in the secret of his own heart. While in every act of his life he served him openly. To him who gave it the Spirit has returned. The dust lies here. His children have placed this Stone To record his virtues to his children’s children. He was born in Rockbridge, Virga Aug, 20th 1769 And died at Chatham, near this place Feb. 2nd 1838. Touching this spot lie the Remains of St. George Tucker Coalter, Esq only son of John Coalter, who followed his Father to the grave before this tomb was completed. He died August 19, 1839, Aged 30 years 2 Months and 7 Days. A son worthy of such a father.”
Coalter, St. George Tucker
“St. George Tucker Coalter Born June 2, 1809 Died August 19, 1839.” [Small stone near John Coalter’s.]
Colson, Charles
“Charles Colson Died the 17th May 1770 Aged 66.”
Cooke, Mrs. Emily M.
“In Memory of Emily M. Cooke wife of Dr. James Cooke Born 12th November 1799 Died 1st July 1832.” [Adjacent to Wm. Pearson’s tombstone, he being her father.]
Cox, Elizabeth M.
“In Memory of ELIZABETH M. wife of George Cox who died March 15th 1831 Aged 52 years Also of ELIZA daughter of the above George & Elizabeth Cox who died August 8th 1805 aged 14 months.”
Dandridge, Colonel John
“Here lied interred the Body of Colonel John Dandridge of New Kent County who departed this life the 31st day of August 1756, Aged 56 years.”
Downman, Joseph Henry
“JOSEPH HENRY infant son of Wm. Yates and Mary Ann Downman Died March 26, 1857 aged 4 days.”
Duffel, Samuel Leonard
“In Memory of Samuel Leonard Duffel son of Edwd. & Elizabeth Duffel who
Departed this life 27th June 1803 Aged one year 7 Months & 2 Days.”
Duffel, Samuel
“In Memory of Samuel, son of James & Rebecca Duffel who died 20th August 1806 aged 3 Months.”
Duncanson, James
“Here lies The Body of James Duncanson He was born in Scotland the 11th February 1735 Arrived in Virginia in July 1752 Died the 4th March 1791. ‘Weed his Grave clean ye Men of Goodness For he was your Brother.’”
Duncanson, Mrs. Mary
“Here lies The Body of Mary the beloved Wife of James Duncanson She was born the 3d Feby. 1748 Died the 10th October 1790.”
Edrington, Priscilla
“In memory of Priscilla Edrington wife of Edmund Edrington of this Town She was born the 10th Octr. 1777 & Died the 10th of June 1801 Aged 23 years and 8 months.” [Churchyard behind church]
Fisher, James
“James Fisher died *, September 1792 Aged * Months and 15 days.”
[* These figures could not be deciphered with certainty. The entire face has disintegrated to the extent that at the first glance it appears to be devoid of any letter.]
Ford, John T.
“SACRED To the Memory of JOHN T. FORD ESQr who departed this life June the 30th 1824 in the 44th year of his age. ______________________
He possessed a mind of the first order, a temper mild and benevolent and feelings exquisite and honourable. A purer spirit never left this earthly tenement to inhabit the mansions of immortality.”
Fox, Samuel
“In Memory of Samuel Fox who departed this Life March 13th 1801 aged 72 years.” [Stone rapidly disintegrating.]
Garts, Margaret
“Margaret Garts Born Sept. 29th 1766 Died *** [1789].” [* The death date is imbedded in ground. The Historical Sketch of 1892 gives [1789] as the date then appearing. On either side of this tomb are stones, once
lettered, now totally obliterated.]
Goodwin, Ann Maria
“In Memory of Our Mother Ann Maria Goodwin Born February 18th 1775 Died March 18th 1849. Her record is on high.” [She was neé Smith, daughter of William Smith (1746-1802) and Mary (1750-1822) his wife.” Mrs. Anna Maria (Smith) Goodwin’s tombstone is adjacent to her parents, and the several other Goodwin tombstones are in the same row.]
Goodwin, Casper Wister
“Sacred to the memory of Casper Wister, son of Littleton and Ann Maria Goodwin, who departed this life at ‘Woodlawn’, Spotsylvania County, on New Year’s morning, 1851, aged 13 years and 5 months. Be ye therefore ready For the son of man cometh at an hour That ye think not.”
Goodwin, Elizabeth
“In Memory of ELIZABETH the infant daughter of Thomas & Ann M. Goodwin who departed this life at 6 o’clock on the Morning of the 3rd September 1813 Aged 1 year, 5 months and 27 days.
Sleep sweet Babe with angels sleep.”
Goodwin, John Harwood
“Erected by an affectionate wife to the memory of her Lamented Husband JOHN HARWOOD sixth son of T. & A. M. Goodwin Born on the 29th Decr 1806 and departed this life the 1st of January 1842 aged 35 years and 2 days.”
Goodwin, Mary
“In Memory of Mary Goodwin Born Sept. 17, 1809 Died June 26, 1882.”
Goodwin, Thomas
“In Memory of THOMAS the third son of Thomas and Ann M. Goodwin He was born on the 16th March 1800 and departed this life on the 2d February 1823 In his death we are taught that in the midst of life we are in death.”
Goodwin, Thomas
“Erected by an afflicted family in memory of THOMAS GOODWIN who was born on the *9th day of October 1770 and died on the *14th day of January 1836.” [* These two days of the month are very indistinct.]
Harrison, Mary C.
“In Memoriam Mary C. Harrison Born July 28, 1852 Died Aug. 5, 1905 Asleep in Jesus.”
Hart, Catherine Rose
“Catherine Rose Daughter of J. R. & A. M. S. Hart Aged 9 Mos. & 14 days.” [Footstone – C.R.H. No dates on either stone].
Helmstatter, Philip J.
“Sacred to the memory of Philip J. Helmstatter who died Aug. 17, 1831 aged 31 years This stone is placed here by an affectionate Mother to an (***)y son.” [*** Three letters indistinct; we suppose this word is “only”].
Hildroop, Mrs. Mary
“In Memory of Mrs. Mary Hildroop who died on the 18th Sept. 1832 in the 77th year of her age.”
Hill, Sarah
“Sarah daughter of J. B. & H. Hill.” [ No date appears on this stone. The Historical Sketch of 1892 gives 1841 as her death date. Infant.]
Hillyard, Parke G.
“Parke G. Hillyard Born October 7, 1835 Died October 31, 1857.”
Hitz, Margaret
“Margaret Hitz Born **** 1821 Died July 1832.” [**** Undecipherable.]
Hull, John G. & Frances A.
“Sacred to the memory of John G. Hull and Frances A. his wife. The former of whom died on the 10th day of April 1841 aged 35 years, and the latter on the 31st day of August 1841, aged 43 years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord Lovely and beloved in life In death they were not separated.”
Jackson, Michael
“In Memory of Michael son of Thos. & Mary A. Jackson who died June 3rd 1802.” [This is the smallest marked stone in the cemetery, being to this infant child.]
Jones, John
“JOHN JONES 1752” [Oldest stone and perfectly preserved.]
Johnston, Jane W. & Ann Thompson
“In Loving Memory of Jane W. Johnston Born May 10, 1806 Died March 17, 1889 Until the Day Dawn” [On the reverse side is inscribed] “Ann Thompson Johnston
Died October 24 1841 Aged 74 years.”
Johnston, Larkin
“In Memory of LARKIN JOHNSTON who departed this life April 25th 1831 Aged 34 years As a slight tribute of affection for departed worth & piety, this humble monument is erected. And I heard a voice from Heaven saying, with me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth Yee, saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labours and their worries do follow them. Rev. 14:13”
Knox, Eliza Somerville
“Eliza Somerville daughter of Thomas F. & Virginia A. Knox Died 7th Mrh 1841 Aged 2 Mos 12 Das.”
Lewis, William
“Here lies the body of William Lewis who departed this life January the 28th 1763 Aged 40 years. Also Ann his daughter died in 1755 Aged 15 Months and George his son died 1763 Aged 5 years.”
Lucas, James W.
“In Memory of JAMES W. LUCAS Born March 4th 1799: Died August 23rd
1850: in the 52nd year of his age.”
Lucas, Elizabeth G.
“In Memory of Elizabeth G. Lucas Consort of Fielding Lucas, Decd. Born May 10th 1780 Died May 15th 1857.”
Lyon, Mrs. Elizabeth P.
“Departed this life Sept. 11th 1838 Mrs. Elizabeth P. Lyon Aged 52 years.”
McGuire, Rev. Edward C. McGuire, Mrs. J. C. McGuire, John Fenton
“Rev. Edward C. McGuire Born July 26, 1793 Died October 8, 1858 J.C. Lewis Relict of Rev. E. C. McGuire Born Oct. 4, 1794 Died March 26, 1882. John Fenton McGuire son of E. C. and J. C. McGuire Born 4 August 1839 Died [broken] 1843.” [J.C. Lewis McGuire was Judith Carter (Lewis) McGuire, daughter of Major Robert Lewis, the nephew of General Washington.]
McPherson, Archibald
“Here lyes the body of ARCHIBALD MCPHERSON born in the County of Murray in North Britain, who died August the 17, 1754 Aged 49 years. He was judicious, a lover of
learning, openhearted, generous and sincere. Devout without ostintation; disdaining to cringe to vice in any Station. Friend to good men, an affectionate husband. ‘A heap of dust alone remains of Thee ’Tis all thou art, and all the proud shall be.’ Elizabeth, his disconsolate widow, as a testimony of their mutual affection, erected this monument to his memory.”
Marshall, James Edgar
“In Memory of James Edgar Marshall son of Horace & Elizabeth Marshall Born August 7th 1807 departed this life at the University of Virginia the 5th November 1825. He was a dutiful & affectionate son and died much much lamented by all who knew him.”
Mason, Mrs. Anna Tayloe
“SACRED [Here follows a four line verse not enough of which could be deciphered to bring together sensible words.] THIS TABLET is placed here by Charles Mason in acknowledgement of gratitude for the affectionate love of his kind and devoted wife ANNA TAYLOE MASON who died the 15th of May 1831
Aged 23 years leaving a character distinguished for all the virtues which exalt and adorn her so. She was the only surviving child of Tayloe and Anna Braxton of Richmond, Va. Both of whom died at an early age leaving in charge of their friends this pledge of their affection and when this dear object of *** and fond devotion had just attained the endearing affection of parent the blighting hand of death made her husband a widower and her infant an orphan.” [*** undecipherable.]
Maury, Mrs. Catharine
“[Here lies] the Body of Catharine [Maury the] wife of James Maury [who died in] Liverpool on the 22nd of May 1794 [in] the 39th year of her age. [While] living it was her Purpose [to be] returned… among her own people. While dying she desired that these remains should rest here. She was of the best of Women.” [A large corner of the stone is broken and missing.]
Moody, Bradstreet
[5 cornered star] “Here lies the body of BRADSTREET MOODY a native of Sandbarnton, New
Hampshire who died in this Town on 24th Augt. 1827.” ______________________
[Broken here. The Historical Sketch of 1892 gives his age as 25 years in their list of names and ages as taken from the stones at that time. This stone however is now broken just below “1827” and nothing further can be deciphered.]
Newby, Jane Sarah & Eliza
[A stone so badly defaced that but few letters and figures can be deciphered with certainty other than their names. Both died in infancy in 1795.]
Patterson, John
“Here lies the body of JOHN PATTERSON who died September 10th 1814 Aged 34 years.”
Patton, Anthony Buck and Virginia B. (Coakley)
“Sacred to the Memory of Anthony Buck Patton Beloved husband of Virginia B. Patton Died Jan. 22, 1903. ______________________
Virginia B. Patton wife of Anthony B. Patton Daughter of John and Elizabeth
Coakley Died January 7, 1924.”
Paul, William
“WILLIAM PAUL 1774.” [The stone is enclosed in a granite stone on the back of which is inscribed:] “Restored 23 September 1930 by Admirers of John Paul Jones Commodore U. S. N. By whom This stone was first set in place in memory of William his older Brother.”
Pearson, John B.
“Sacred to Memory of John B. Pearson of Saint Margar— ****** who departed—**** fe March *** 04—*** years and *** ays.” [Stone adjacent Chas. M. Rothrock. Historical Sketch of 1892 gives death date as 1804, aged 5 years.]
Pearson, William
“In memory of William Pearson who departed this life on the 28th of March 1824 in the 64th year of his age. Here lies interred William Garrett the son of William & Eleanor Pearson who departed this life in the 3d year of his age.”
Pilcher, Frederick
“Sacred To the Memory of FREDERICK PILCHER
Born 7th of August 1769 Departed this life the 13th day of April 1832 He lived and died an honest man.”
Pilcher, Hiram
“In Memory of Hiram Pilcher who departed this life A.D. 1833 Aged 33 years.”
Pilcher, Mrs. Margaret
“In memory of Mrs. Margaret Pilcher Wife of Fred: Pilcher who departed this life December 20, 1827 Aged 57 years. Her pious and dutiful life was extended to an honorable old age and closed by an exemplary death. Her charity had its ***** in religion. Her love of her neighbour was the genuine seat of her love of God. Her rest ****** was the fruit of her faith and she died in hope because she had lived a Christian.” [Stone disintegrating. (*) The Historical Sketch of 1892 gives 1827 as the date of her death; the “7” is now entirely gone. Several other words could not be positively deciphered.]
R., G. and R., N.
“G. R. 1807 N. R. 1802” [These letters and figures appear on a large stone adjacent to that of Charles
Rothrock. The Historical Sketch of 1892 suggests that the headstone was broken during the War.]
Richardson, George
“Sacred to the memory of GEORGE RICHARDSON STONE CUTTER who was killed by an accident May 12th 1807: Aged 45 years. Stay, passenger, thy step; reflect awhile; Tho now in health and vigour thou may smile Tomorrows fun thy obsequies may see The silent grave may then thy mansion be. Then seek in life God’s favour to possess And to thy soul secure eternal happiness.” ______________________
Nancy daughter of the said George Richardson and of Lucy his wife died May 29th 1802: aged 14 months. Jesus said, ‘Suffer little children and forbid them not, to come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of heaven.’”
Richeson, George
“George Richeson who hath migrated to this comwealth from Great Britain made oath that he had resided 5 years within the jurisdiction of the United States of America and one year within
the Comwlth of Virginia, that he will support the constitution of the USA and that he doth absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all alligeance and fidelity whatsoever to any prince potentate or sovereign particularly to George the Third King of Great Britain— and thereupon he is admitted to the Rights of a Citizen of the United States…”
[Fredericksburg Court Minutes of 9 May, 1799.]
Riddley, James
“In Memory of JAMES Riddley who departed this Life June 19th 1800 Aged 72 years.” [The entire face of this tombstone fell off in 1938 and no letter is now visible on the portion remaining.]
Ritchardson, Mrs. Winefrid
“Here lies the body of Winefrid the wife of Daniel Ritchardson who died Octr: the 16th: 1763, aged 23 years. Also 3 children lies Enterrd by Her. Remember man as you pass by So you are now so once was I So as I am so must you be Therefore prepare to follow me.”
Robey, Mrs. Ann
“In Memory of Ann wife of Richard Robey who died November 28th 1811 Aged 38 years. ‘The sever’d ties of kindred dear Demand the fervant sigh But sacred hope dries every tear And point to bliss on high.’” [Footstone A.R.–1811. Stone disintegrating and will not long be legible.]
Rose, Alexander
“In Memory of ALEXANDER ROSE of the Parish of Vere in the Island of Jamaica Merchant and native of North Britain who visited the United States of America for the recovery of his health and departed this life at Fredericksburg in Virginia on the 28th day of November 1800. This stone is placed over his remains in testimony of affectionate and fraternal regard by his brother William Rose of the said Island.”
Rothrock, Charles M.
[Broken] “Also Charles M. Rothrock Departed this life Septr 29 1084, Aged 3 years.” [Gravestone remarkable for its date, well preserved. For photograph see: Quinn: History of
Fredericksburg, Va. pg. 264.] [Photo confirms 1084]
Rothrock, George W.
“George W. Rothrock Died December 9, 1865 aged 67 years.”
Rothrock, Jeannie J.
“Jeannie J. Rothrock Born January 22, 1830 Died October 31, 1851 Come Lord Jesus, Come Quickly.”
Rothrock, Louisiana (Johnston)
“In Loving Memory of Louisiana Johnston wife of the late George W. Rothrock Died January 25, 1888 Aged 84 years. ______________________
Fayetta, daughter of Louisiana & George W. Rothrock Born 1842 Died 1863.”
Simons, Mrs. Catherine
“Here lies the Body of Catherine the beloved wife of David Simons Who departed this life May 14th 1794 Aged 35 years. Also her two children lies entered with her.”
Smith, Mrs. Mary
“In Memory of Mary Relict of William Smith Born March 20, 1750 Departed this life July 8th 1822.” [Her
tomb is adjacent to her husband Wm. Smith (1746-1802).]
Smith, William
“Here lies the body of William Smith a native of Glocestershire in England Born 25th May 1746 And departed this life October 7, 1802. An honest man is the noblest work of God.”
Smith, William Jr.
“In Memory of William son of Wm. and Mary Smith born April 18, 1787 At the commencement of the late War he entered the Army as a Lieutenant and departed this life whilst in the service of his country on the 30th January 1815.” [Adjacent to his parents, Wm. & Mary Smith.]
Spilman, Walter
“In Memory of Walter son of Tho. W. & Ann Spilman who died Feby. 12th 1837 in the 4th year of his age.”
Strother, French
“In Memory of FRENCH STROTHER who departed this life June 3d 1800 Aged 61 years.”
T, F. G. H.
“Born 26 April 1812 Died the 1st Nov. 1832” [The headstone is broken, leaving only the dates. The stone was in this condition in 1892 says the Historical Sketch of that date. It says a footstone carried the initial F.G.H.T., but we failed to find this stone. Mr. King believes Mr. Clark was in error as to the footstone and that the stone to party (1812-32) belongs to: “Died–On Thursday evening, 1st of Nov. Mr. Felix H. Taliaferro, son of the late Mr. Hay Taliaferro of Orange Co., aged about 20 years.” Fredericksburg Virginia Herald Nov. 3, 1832]
Taliaferro, Catherine
“Catherine Taliaferro Born 29th January 1791 Died 21st November 1869 Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.” [The Historical Sketch of 1892 gives her name as Mrs. Catherine Reat Taliaferro. She lies near Mrs. Eleanor Reat Thom.]
Thom, Catherine
“Catherine Thom Died Jan. 27, 1886.” [The Historical
Sketch of 1892 gives the age of Miss Catherine Thom as 70 years when she died in 1886.]
Thom, Mary
“Mary Thom Died June 17, 1894 Numbered with Thy Saints in Glory Everlasting.”
Thom, Reuben Triplett
“REUBEN TRIPLETT THOM Died May 7th 1868 Aged 85 years & 6 months. ELEANOR REAT wife of R. T. Thom Died Nov. 20th 1865 Aged 79 years & 4 Months.” [These two inscriptions on one monument.]
Walker, Robert
“Sacred in memory of Robert Walker late Merchant in Fredericksburg whose remains are here deposited He was born near Belfast in Ireland the 20th day of October A.D. 1766 and departed this life the 27th day of January 1808.”
Ware, James
“SACRED to the memory of JAMES R. WARE Born April 19, 1812 departed this life September 7th 1850 Beloved in life and lamented in death.”
Ware, Thomas
“In Memory of THOMAS WARE who departed this life 6th August 1820. Near this spot lies the remains of William son of Thomas & Catherine Ware.”
Ware, Thos. R.
“Thos. R. Ware C.S.N.” [The Historical Sketch of 1892 registers the interment of Thomas R. Ware U.S.N. & C.S.N in 1889 aged 75 years.]
White, Henry Garrett
“Deposited here are the remians of HENRY GARRETT son of William H. and Amanda White who died 19 September 1822 aged 19 months and 11 days.”
Whitfield, John
“In memory of John Whitfield of Whitehaven who departed this life the 22nd of March 1766 in the 25th year of his Age.”
Young, Mrs. Elizabeth
“In memory of Elizabeth Young wife of James Young Born 22nd November 1778 Died 10th July 1806. Weep not dear friends tho I am no more When God thus calls its not amiss He bade me come I go before To meet you in eternal bliss.”

Burials in St

"St George’s Cemetery: A Historical Sketch
(Fredericksburg, Va., 1892)"
By William Meade Clark
Barton, Daniel Jenifer Barton, Eliza Campbell Barton, John
1848 1846 1829
Infant Infant Infant
Barton, Louisa Nevison Beck, Mrs. Mary Parke
Beck, Olivia Hanson
Beck, Mrs. Sarah Hanson Botts, John Francis
1858 1833
Botts, Susan Catherine Coakley, John
1835 1820
Child 60
Coakley, Mary, his wife Dade, Virginia
1835 1833
70 Infant
Fry, S. W.
Goodwin, Anna Marie (Smock) Goodwin, Littleton
1881 1871
Gregory, Maria
3 years
Hanson, Mrs. Mary Parke Hillvard, Mrs. Jane Parke
Jones, Mary Barton
Jones, William Strother Knox, John
1852 1849
Infant Infant
Lewis, Colonel Fielding
Three of his infant grand-children
Lucas, Fielding
Lucas, Miss Maria
Lucas, Mrs. Sarah A.
Montandon, William
Pearson, Mrs. Eleanor Pearson, Margaretta
1861 1891
Scott, Eleanor Pearson Smock, William
Smock, Mrs. Sarah, wife of above Young, James
1874 1831
Young, Mrs. Susan Smith

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