Our graveyard goes back to the founding of Fredericksburg in 1728 when a lot was designated for a graveyard and another for a church. The citizens of Fredericksburg lay before you in all their diversity- all ages, professions and means. We celebrate them all as our forebearers.

The graveyard is place of gathering and of rest – of past lives and those who wish to rest here in the heat of the day on the bench provided. We welcome you who tour here. Please check out our brochure on the fence.




  • We have a number of tours you can take from 5 minutes on.


  • We have photo galleries that show the graveyard in all 4 seasons, such as Winter.


  • We have a number of articles written about the graveyard. Here are some Graveyard stories. One features Stafford native, Moncure Daniel Conway – Was Shakespeare’s pallbearer buried in the St. George’s graveyard ?


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